Completion & Rebirth

9: Completion. Spirituality. Humanitarianism. Conflict.

1: beginning. rebirth. God. drive. independence.

    Since this year is coming to an end, I think it’s only appropriate that I reflect a bit. I can wait until December, but I’d rather not (besides, I can’t sleep anyway). Now, I believe in divination and I have been reading a lot on it. I started reading about numerology and did my numbers. I checked the number of my life and this is a 9 year for me. So many things have happened. I have found myself and lost myself only to find myself again. Pretty much, I’ve been everywhere. But I’m starting to center. Next year is 1 which is beginnings and rebirth. I have backtracked the numbers to times and my life and I must say…THEY DO NOT LIE!

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I’ve never posted any poetry that I’ve done, but I think today I will.

I wrote this when my grandfather was in the hospital. for anyone who knows me, they know that my grandfather was and is the dominant force in my life. He has done so much for me and there are no words that can ever explain my appreciation and love. I decided to post this because my best friend’s grandfather just passed and I know it pains her so much. This is to anyone who ever lost the superhero in their lives. Continue reading