Sticks & Stones

As an adult, we are supposed to live up to a certain image or follow a certain blueprint and if we don’t, we are deemed or labeled as, “lazy”, “incompetent”, a dreamer. I know that I am not all of those things except lazy every Tuesday. :-p

I guess I’ll tell you want inspired me to write this.

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Day 4: Family

I may bicker, scream, kick, yell, but my family has been amazing. We have our disagreements, but we are there for each other. For me, family extends to close friends as well. I consider my boyfriend family. I just can’t ask for anything better. I have an extended family of stepbrothers and sisters. Family is more than blood relation. It’s a loving connection with people who return it. There are some people who I am related to that are just awful while I have friends who connect with me on a daily basis. I love that.

You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

Remember that. While watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, it was so interesting and cool to hear people calling themselves family. It’s true. If I have never argued with you or even burped in front of you, you are not close to me. Period. I can tell my life story, but if I feel you are not close enough to see my vulnerability, it will not be shown.

Just cherish the family you have. It is true when it is said that it takes a village to raise a child. IF you know someone who feels as if they have no family, welcome them into yours or become family to them.

Day 2: Love

Today I am grateful for the other L word….love.

Growing up, I felt like an outcast and so unloved.I didn’t even love myself. As I got older, I have begun to appreciate the love that has been shown to me through kindness, criticism, and generosity. Life has always placed me in situations that I always manage to get through. It because I do have love as a support net. I love to show love and to say it. I will never bring myself to that dark place again.

Something I like, but don’t like, to speak about is the fact that I was suicidal and I used to cut myself because I felt unloved. I look at my sisters, my brother. nephew, parents…my friends…and now my significant other who mean the WORLD to me and realized how selfish I was to take myself away from people who loved me. I learned when you don’t love yourself, everything will go wrong. You get treated how you allow yourself to be treated. I want to be love and I will show love.