Who Am I?

My name is Quanni E. and here’s some random facts about me. =D (I’m a undercover rapper too. LOL)

-My birthday is July 7th, 1989. It will never change. Subtract the year from the date and you’ll get my age every time.

-I’m from Milwaukee, WI. I may hate the winter, but it’s what completes my life. I couldn’t see myself without a white Christmas.

-I have 4 sisters and 1 brother who I love with all of my heart and soul. =D

-I care too much and it may make me seem weak. But I believe that those who show how they feel are the strongest.

– I’m over-dramatic and over-opinionated. However, I am a bit shy.

– I hate discussing race, gender, sexuality, or other social issues with those of the close mind. No one will ever agree.

– I work better alone. I’m selfish when it comes to my ideas and my process. I don’t like anyone having control over my thoughts, ideas, and production.

– I love nature and I’m such a modern hippie–minus the drugs and tye dye.

– You’ll never meet a bigger cornball than me.

– I love being at peace at all times. I love love and not arguing with people. However, I am a shark when it comes to getting my point across.

– Music + Writing = My Life. I say that sincerely, not as a joke.

– I wish that I actually didn’t slack off in life.

– I love physical contact sports and painting my nails.

– When you speak, I’ll listen. I’ll only agree with you if I feels it’s right. I have my ways to not shoot you down, but never agree. Your opinion is your opinion no matter how ridiculous it may be.

– I love being grammatically correct and I will correct it.

– I have skeletons in my bedroom, not the closet. I’ll tell you in my own time. I have nothing to hide, but I’m not broadcasting everything to everyone.

– I don’t trust too many people. Even if I say I do, I really don’t. I barely even trust myself.

– I am interested in politics and the law. I know my rights and I will stick by them.

– I don’t discriminate.

– I don’t believe in a specific higher power. I believe in natural forces like love, karma, peace, etc.


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