30 Things You Should Know.

1. I’m a textaholic.

2. Procrastination should be my middle name.

3. i don’t like to fail or give up.

4. I seriously want to live in Paris.

5. My emotions change quickly.

6. My close friends are family.My brother and sisters are My life. My mom is my heart and my grandfather is my soul.

7. I burp loudly, but only in front of people I’m comfortable with.

8. I’m frivolous with money but I’m a cheapskate.

9. I’m in love with love.

10. I like older movies and music and damn near every guy i find attractive is now dead (james dean, michael landon, and elvis just to name a few.) =[

11. I’m writing a movie.

12. I’m immature. I like cartoons and giggle at words like ‘penis’. I’m loud and goofy but you have to bring me out of my shell.

13. Cross me once and I’ll never let you forget it.

14. My dream life is to ride horses in the country all day and pick flowers.

15. Music has saved me in more ways than one.

16. I find guys & girls attractive. Like a 70/30 ratio.

17. I play with my hands when I’m nervous.

18. I love wrestling. i’ve been told I’m borderline obsessed.

19. I want a gajillion tattoos and piercings. I’m one of those dopes who believes their body is a canvas. (Meaningful stuff though)

20. I have sickle cell trait.

21. i hate talking to people who just want to argue about everything.

22. Politically, racially, and religious driven convos are not my cup of tea.

23. I prefer rock over rap.

24. I do love rap however. Both the superficial and meaningful kind.

25. I’m laaaaaazy.

26. I cuss way too much and half of the time I don’t even need to.

27. I’m scared of heights, bridges, rats, and opossums.

28. I have the most false self confidence ever.

29. If I’ve ever given you a compliment or said I love you, I meant it.

30. There are no such things as aliens or Men in Black.


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