25 Things I’ve Learned By 25

So, this past Monday (July 7th), I turned 25 years old. I still can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday I was playing with dolls and graduating from high school was driving me bananas., Hell, I even remember my first semester of college. It seems so close, but so far away. I’ve been called an old soul before and I guess that’s why I dread time. I feel like there’s never enough and I don’t really get to enjoy it. So…I’m taking the time to write the 25 things that I have learned.

1. Take your time.

2. Make it count.

3. There is always a lesson.

4. Do it right the first time.

5. Even fairy tales are a little twisted.

6. Pick and choose your battles.

7. Acting appropriately does not equate to being fake.

8. Take pride in who you are.

9. Balance is important.

10. You’re never too old to worry about your future or finances.

11. Get serious about your business.

12. Seek out opportunity.

13. Do not let your talents fall by the wayside.

14. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about improving yourself.

15. You can always learn something from your opposite. 

16. Smile sometimes. Everything does not have to be so serious.

17. It is ok to let people go. 

18. If you are happy, do not question it.

19. Stay strong and true to who you are. 

20. You are who you are. There is no such thing as acting out of character. 

21. Observe.

22.  Listen more.

23. Build your foundation.

24. Learn to be still and listen to yourself. It is ok to have quiet time to reflect.

25. Work now so your children do not have to.


What are some things that you have learned? 


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