Who Are You?

Look in the mirror. Ask yourself “Who are you?” If you don’t know who are, how could your dreams come true? – 50 Cent

Self discovery is definitely something that is necessary no matter where you are in life. I have realized that we often get bogged down with what we should be instead of who we are. I kept looking in the past and actually regretting the opportunities I didn’t take, the mistakes I made, the situations I should have avoided…and I realized that the book needs to close. Today is a new day. Yesterday is in the past.  Learning from the past is the key. You can’t keep beating yourself up. Not at all. No book, therapist, friend, etc. can tell you about yourself. You have to get to know that person. Once you know who you are, life is much easier. Accept yourself and change what you want for YOU.


*When I write, I’m actually talking to myself.*


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