Happy (Belated) New Year!

Thank you for anyone who decided to stop by & read the blog. I really appreciate every view, subscriber, like, etc.

So the calender has peeled back to a new year with new dates and I’m sure we’ve all made our resolutions that might be coming to an end already. DON’T GIVE UP!  I’ve looked back at the past couple of years in my life and wondered why I am still in the same position I was in back then?  I have read many books by life coaches or gurus, tried many methods, but I keep falling short. I had to stop and analyze what I was doing wrong, why my relationships weren’t as smooth as they should be, why I was unhappy. It was that I was trying to become these people instead of realizing that I am my own person with my own destiny. I can apply the various lessons that I had in numerous aspects of my life. So I decided that 2013 would be MY year. It would be the year I grew up, the year I faced defeat and laughed in its face, the year I took control of my life and made my voice heard. It is the YEAR OF ME!

I am fortunate enough to be born with so many talents, love and support to be able to be the wandering spirit that I was created to be. I decided to sit down and think for myself. They say you form or lose a habit in 30 days. I was wondering how much could I change my life in 12 months. I created my own schedule and dedicated months based on their seasons and my experiences within them. I must admit that this will not be easy. Change never is, but it will be worth it. Why? A better me allows me to give the world the best me that can exist. I can grow and learn things that I THOUGHT I knew. It’s a chance to explore and clean myself from my core out.

So I’ve created my own 12 step program & each month I’m going to put up a blog or vlog (maybe both) just to express what’s going on and how it’s going. I am changing my life everyday because I need to. Many things have changed in my life and it is time I begin to embrace them while improving what needs to be fixed. There are so many things to do. I am going to put up a page with a brief breakdown of the month & descriptions. If you want to join me, cool. If you see it later, fine. You don’t have to start in January, but I am.

I wish everyone health, wealth & growth always.

Until next time….


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