Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself.

Seriously, if there is one thing I’ve learned is that there is no true sympathy. It is only temporary. After a while “It’s gonna be alright” turns into “Get over it.” We all have been through it many times. I am going through it now. I am tired of being deprived in many aspects of life. It is so easy to loathe and wallowing in self pity instead of looking yourself in the eye and admitting that you are doing something wrong. We end up putting ourselves in certain circumstances and we should be able to get ourselves out.

I’m done blaming my parents for what they could’ve done better. Tired of blaming the system or media for the way things are. Make a change! If you see something in a certain area, FIX IT! Seriously. Lately, I haven’t been able to find a job, but there are SOOOOO many things I know that I am very capable of doing. I asked myself the other day “Why am I still stuck here?” I am because I have gotten comfortable and it is no one’s fault but my own. Today I posted this ad:


We all have excuses as to why we can’t make money so if you’re interested, I have 4 ways to help you out. They are ALL LEGITIMATE. No scams here.

Opportunity 1: Partner With Paul

This is the easiest of the three and it is completely free. You will get a weekly check of a minimum $50.

Step 1: Go here —> and fill out the form.
Step 2: After you proceed to the next page, scroll down and click the affiliates link at the bottom.
Step 3: Fill out your info.
Step 4: Tell your friends!

Opportunity 2: ZNZ One

This is intermediate level work, but also FREE to join. You get a daily payment of at least $20.

Step 1: Go here —> and follow the instructions given.
Step 2: Fill out your FREE EQUIFAX TRIAL OFFER.
Step 3: Tell your friends.

Opportunity 3: Copy Paste Cash

This one is more advanced and really for people who are serious about making their money. There is a ONE TIME COST of 29.95! This is also a daily payout of a minimum $25.

Step 1: Go here —> & watch the video
Step 2: Sign up & pay.
Step 3: Tell your friends.

Opportunity 4: Fill out long, drawn out applications and wait for a call back.

The choice is yours…


and it’s not truly about the money, but about making changes to your everyday life. Even if I make not one sign up, I know that I went out here and tried. I am adding new type of experience to my resume that no one can take from me. SO do it! Be strong and make a change!

(If you are interested in signing up, do so.)

I will be posting more. I am also doing a full moon fast. I will post more on that tomorrow.


Also: I am thinking of redoing this blog and creating a main focus, rather it’s life, DIY, etc. what do you think?


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