2012 Mid-Year Reflection

So far 2012 has definitely been a shaky year for me. I have had many experiences and revelations. I have learned about myself just by observing others. There is a voice inside of me and it has been fighting with me to come out. My life, because of that, has been a bit rocky and confusing. I find myself speaking up for myself, becoming careless and emotional, yet at the same time I am focused and ready to roll. I am understanding my place in life and where to begin to step out of certain situations.

Rule No. 32 of Life: You cannot and WILL NOT make everyone happy. PERIOD.

Your happiness is a product of you. Someone will always be unhappy when you are happy, especially if they are the ones who want to make you miserable. When people begin to see you smile and glow while they are dim, they become enraged and upset. I use to let this get to me and cheat myself out of my abundance and happiness. But for what? To be unhappy while they use my unhappiness as a tool to smile? Neh. Misery loves company.Nothing will ever be good enough for and to them so it’s no purpose to even try sometimes.

It’s like crab in the bucket/barrel syndrome. When one gets tired of being there, it tries to crawl out but the other ones pull them right back into the bucket. If the crab fights, it escapes. If not, well…another unhappy crab. You may get pulled back many times before you ever develop the WILL and WANT to leave. Just don’t start pulling others down with you.

You are not responsible for other people’s situations. If you assist someone and they give you a snotty remark, make a mental to not assist them anymore. It may sound mean, but it’s the truth. If someone cannot and will not appreciate what you do for them, stop. You are hurting no one but yourself. I love helping people and I have a HUGE heart. I do not deserve the treatment I have received, but because I accepted it, I deserved it. You can be as nice as Oprah, but if you let people walk on you, you deserve it. You can say no and there is nothing wrong with that. People who make others feel guilty simply are angry with themselves because they cannot get their way and refuse to work for themselves.

I am learning you can only help those who want it. When you are open to receiving, then it will be given to you. Point blank. This is in both positive and negative aspects. It varies with your outlook and intent.

Let go of the past. It does nothing but anchor you down. It also messes up your present. Don’t put yourself in situations you are trying to get away from. GROW. MOVE.

Stay pure in body, mind, and spirit. When you do that, you become a vessel of love & inspiration. Focus on the things that make you smile and ignore the things that get you down. Change what you can. Be kind, but not foolish. Accept people for who they are, not potential.

All in all, I’m just learning SELF LOVE. I do love myself, but I haven’t taken it tot he next level. I haven’t loved my body enough to take care of it, my spirit enough to feed it and be at peace nor my mind for stimulation and rest. Nope. But I need to. It is important. From this day on, I will show the Love that radiates inside of me. You should too. 🙂


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