Poem: Love Left Unspoken

There were words that never left our lips after our final goodbyes.
Just laughter & until next times.
But that time came and has passed
since I have spoken with you last.
Season have passed and winds have changed
since I have thought of your name
I dialed the phone to finish where we left
One ring. Two rings. Three. Then finally the voicemail.
Months went by before you passed my thoughts again
You never replied. When I knew why I felt ashamed.
You had left this world without saying goodbye.
The Universe decided for you it was time.
Time to fly free, to soar among the stars
to no longer be bound to this world of ours.
I never said the words that should’ve been said
I kept them selfishly in my heart & my head.
We made plans and kept pushing them off
because we said there’d be forever…or so we thought.
It hurts so much to know you’re gone
yet your life, your name, your spirit lives on.
Just know I love you. Forever. You’ll be in my heart.



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