Modern Frankenstein

I wrote this a while ago  while actually reading the book by Mary Shelley and the poem by Margaret Atwood called ‘Speeches For Dr. Frankenstein”.  Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Look at me creator! I want  you to see

The fine piece of work you made me.

I’m a monster with a smile who everyone hates

because it was you who disfigured my face.

You chose imperfection because you wanted to make art.

So you found me and decided to take me apart.

From my arms to my legs, my eyes to my toes,

You even took my heart, but forgot to remove my soul.

I let you rebuild me so you’d love me even more.

Yet when your sight beget me, you dashed for the door.

Turning the lovely creature you decided to destroy

Into a monster who you made for your own sick joy.

You killed me by denying who I am to you.

So I planned revenge that I must carefully do.

No bodily harm will be caused because it is not my right

but emotional and mental anguish I say is justified.

You believe you made a monster because it was you plan.

Ha! You were only able because I said you can.

You didn’t give me life, but I gave you power,

the like a lion, you quickly devoured.

The ability to create gave your life subterfuge

yet how quickly you’ve forgotten your muse.

Now you will see me in all of your nightmares and dreams.

My shadow will follow you or so it may seem.

Instead of cursing me, you have trapped yourself

Inside of a grade with no immediate death.

I will haunt you until you live no more.

Then, and only then, will it be an even score.


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