Poem: Scream!


Trapped inside of her thoughts with no one to rescue her.

She was too busy worrying about the outside, not enough about her true problems.

They seized her from behind and dragged her through pits of despair.

She screamed. No one heard, no one came.

Insecurity & Doubt laughed as they reminded her of the confidence she did not have.

Jealousy reminded her that she was worried about being someone else she lost herself.

Greed snickered at how she wanted it all for selfish gain.

She continued to go down, screaming louder.

No one heard. No one came.

Fear wrapped her in his arms and told her times she was too scared to speak up, how she held it all in.

He pointed to Sanity who was taking the lashings.

Lust & Desire pointed to the place where she lost herself just to be someone else for someone else.

How Love was being pulled apart piece by piece.

She looked at how Deceit led to Trust being killed.

The blood, the broken promises lying on the floor like a mosiac work of art.

She cried and screamed.

No one heard. No one came.

Fear dropped her into Despair who led her into Turmoil.

Now she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Everyone she needed, walking away.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound escaped.


Her thoughts reminded her she abandoned those who could hear.

She wept.

Yet, no one heard. No one came.


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