Gimme the green light….I’m ready to go right now!

I know…another post in just 3 days? Well, I decided to do it because I’m up with nothing better to do. LOL. I’m slowly going through Twitter withdrawal but in the end it’ll be all worth it. I just miss some of the people I talked to on there. =[ Anywhosit, I’m raring to go and I am again starting on this healthier life kick. I keep false starting because I look for outside motivations and I say it’s for health reasons yet at the same time I don’t care enough because everyone around me just says ‘Yeah ok.’ ‘You won’t last!’ ‘Be real.’ when I’m serious about this. My best friend noticed I put on some pounds and I did as well. I do not like it one bit. I’m going to do my damndest at being the me I know I am. I depend on people too much for approval or recognition and it shouldn’t be like that. I should do my own thing whether the world is watching or not. My health and overall well-being should be my inspiration.

That doesn’t just go for health, but for…well…anything. We should the best people we are because that’s WHO we are and NOT who people WANT us to be. It’s not being selfish or vain, but knowing and loving who you are to the point that no one can tell you differently. Sure words hurt and insecurities are hard to banish, but you can shrug them off. It’s just called self esteem. I told my best friend today that I wanted to dress like Andre 3000 (I really do love his style and always have admired him) from the B.O.B. video with the headband and bellbottoms. (In case you didn’t know: B.O.B. is an OutKast song. It’s short for Bombs Over Baghdad, not referring to the rapper, who kinda reminds me of Andre a bit with his voice.) I jokingly said, “What are you gonna do? Judge me?” But it’s true. The worse someone can do is have an opinion about you. Most of the time they don’t matter.

You can be who you are, but sometimes it just takes courage. What’s holding you back?

Until next time,

Quanni E.

(Oh yeah, I’m F I N A L L Y going to get around to using the other blog and H O P E F U L L Y I can actually stay up with it. ;D )


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