Who are you?

I did a video on identity this morning and I think that it’s something important to mention:

However, the video did not let me completely get out everything. We classify ourselves and then just run with it. the thing is that we let other people determine who we are and how we feel. Then use it as an excuse to act out. The one word i don’t like is ‘hater’. If someone disagrees with you or is telling you the truth, they are a hater. But why? Most of the time people are correct. If someone is calling you inadequate by some type of superficial standard, fine. But people take opinions out of context.

For example (real life): When I see Nicki Minaj’s style, I think Lil Kim all the way. I prefer Kim’s music over Nicki’s. She just doesn’t appeal to me the same way.

Comments that follow: You’re a hater. Nicki is better. Kim needs to sit her ass down. You wish you were her. Why do you care? Huhhh people need lives. Move on. She said it. Here’s the link. She is original. etc.

Now all I did express my opinion. The words ‘think’ and ‘prefer’ show that. However people engage in lifelong arguments over opinions. You have yours and all I did was state mine. I didn’t insult Nicki. i just said she doesn’t appeal to me the same way and she reminds me of Lil Kim. Nothing rude. But people always take things out of context to throw around the word hater.

Social sites gas people up and they’re often rude or say/do illicit things to incite negative comments so they can have a ‘hater’. People should worry more about their futures than who doesn’t like them. If you must have a hater, give them a reason. Not because you’re pretty because you can become disfigured or because your body is nice because you can gain weight. Let them dislike you because you took a POSITIVE route in life and decided to make something of yourself while they’re in the same spot trying to impress the same people forever.

MOTS (moral of the story): Just be who you are and don’t worry what other people say or do. Embrace who you are and show the world. it’s a lot easier. Surround yourself with people who like you and you’ll be fine. =]


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