I’ve never posted any poetry that I’ve done, but I think today I will.

I wrote this when my grandfather was in the hospital. for anyone who knows me, they know that my grandfather was and is the dominant force in my life. He has done so much for me and there are no words that can ever explain my appreciation and love. I decided to post this because my best friend’s grandfather just passed and I know it pains her so much. This is to anyone who ever lost the superhero in their lives.

From day one he held my hand.
I knew then and there he was my superman.
He taught me how to fly and stand strong
How to fight for what’s right and denonuce the wrong
He showed me how to love everyone no matter what
He also taught me how to kick someone’s butt
He helped me up when I fell, brushed the tears from my eyes
He always said, “Never give up. Always try.”
He held me as I flew until he had to let go.
That was the day I learned to fly solo.
I looked behind and he was nowhere to be found.
So I flew a bit lower until I crashed on the ground.
He asked why I stopped and fell like a stone.
I told him how I was afraid to fly alone.
He looked in my face and flashed me a grin.
He told me “One day, I’ll be with the wind.
I can’t hold you up forever for my body will be weak
But with the wind, i’ll be in that comfort you seek.
One day I’ll be gone and you’ll have to use your own cape.
Yet I promise to watch over you until that day.”
He made me feel warm, like I was given a second try,
so I got into the air and began to fly.


2 thoughts on “Fly

  1. I enjoy to taste you from my pocket-size city of Trouville in France. I apprize the type of info you provide . Maybe another day, I will have the corresponding valiance like you :-)) Regards, Anna from Trouville s/ Mer.

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