Stay Gold, Ponyboy. Stay Gold.

So last night (well still the middle of the night) I was doing some thinking. One movie/book I fell in love with was ‘The Outsiders’ (well, & ‘Rumble Fish’ but I’m specifically talking of this novel). The story is pretty much about the tale of Ponyboy Curtis during a time of social clashing. Johnny told him to ‘Stay gold.’ I remember analyzing that when I first read the book. What does that mean?

In my eyes, it means stay true to who you are. Don’t become someone you’re not or be a cheap imitation. Be the purest form of you because there enough people on the negative road. Why join them? As people, we encounter people who want to deter us from our goals because they are stuck in a rut or because they want to do the things we do, but can’t. So instead of trying what works for them, they sit & brood while trying to make you as miserable as them. You should do what’s right for YOU. No one else. Sitting here complaining isn’t getting you anywhere. You may have to do something regular before you get your exciting chance.

I guess I can quote Drake & Trey: I just wanna be successful….but without having to lose myself in the process. 🙂

‘Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold’


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