Let Me Clear My Throat…

Ok, so I have reached the point where I’m just going to do a big ass random blog on all of the various thoughts running through my brain:

*Friends. I personally am changing my circle. I’ve been noticing how many people are just there because of convenience. To me, a friend can pop up out of nowhere and it’s like they never disappeared. Now granted that I’m not the best at texting or calling people back, I do try to contact people. Sometimes I just get a little selfish or I’ve wised up to realize you don’t talk about anything but yourself or miscellanious bullshit. There’s a handful of people I can call at 3 in the morning and dump my problems on because they can do it to me with mutual understanding. I cleaned out my phone book and only held onto numbers of people who I want in my life. Friends should motivate you to be the best you that they know you can be, not fill you up with false hope to stab you with later.

*Guys.  I don’t need a relationship to make me happy. I don’t desperately crave someone next to me every night so I can post our love all over the internet. I’d rather have a quiet relationship where him & I know our most intimate thoughts; where it’s about us and not putting up some front for an audience. That way if WE discover something wrong in our relationship, WE can fix it or end it without outside eyes. I’ve learned that a lot of things don’t need to be shared with the world & the things that you do share should be something you don’t care about it spreading. Foolishly I’ve told things that should’ve stayed between someone else & myself, but I’ve learned. I’ve grown a bit.

*Speaking of growing…why are so many people claiming they’re grown with childish antics? You’re grown yet you expect someone to take care of you? I saw several statuses from chicks talking about how a dude should be paying for them so they don’t have to. But you bitches are independent right? Girls claim they want a dude with a job, a car, an education, his own place, and who looks presentable. Ummm…you know that shit costs money right? Who are you to call him broke when he has his own & you’re driving your mom’s car? Now I’m not singling out anyone because I don’t drive nor I do live on my own, but I’m not trying to stay in a guy’s pocket. Every time I went on a date, I had my own money. HE paid because HE wanted to. If a guy said ‘you have to pay your own way tonight because I only have enough money for myself because I paid my bills’ I won’t be butthurt about it. People shouldn’t take advantage of people. So ladies (I’m saying you in particular) if you believe a guy should be tricking for you so you STAY broke, grow up. A guy wants a girl who has her own so he can do things for her because he appreciates the hard work she puts in, not because he has to.

Ummm…I think I covered everything right now. Idk. Lol. If you’re feeling offended by anything I said, that means it’s true about yourself. This is my opinion & it only holds weight if it applies. So take it personally. 🙂



One thought on “Let Me Clear My Throat…

  1. tre says:

    That wuz sum good stuff….I know its gud if I reAd the whole thing u spoke sum truth…I’m feelin yo mindset u alrite with me!!

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