Change can be a wonderful thing.

After my last post, I have been kinda thinking about more than just changing my weight and hair growth. I feel like finally expressing myself through my attire, my actions, just me period. I feel like going into a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. I am going to take control of my life. I personally don’t care who has something to say.

This is kinda coming about because I want to change and I was motivated by my best friend, some family, and a lovely person named Dollface Barbie through his YouTube videos. They  really inspired me to have high self esteem and not to let things such as other people’s opinions bring me down as long as I’m happy. Sometime you just need to hear that. Sometimes you just need that assurance that nothing is wrong with you.

So, after next week, when I FINALLY get time to myself, I’m going to reach deep into my cocoon and come out the beautiful butterfly I am. I advise that everyone step back and re-evaluate yourself. 🙂

Peace out.


5 thoughts on “Change can be a wonderful thing.

  1. the perfect post. Just like what you said. I have nothing to add. I’d like to elaborate a bit. This post is so well written it’s almost perfection itself. I feel that if a leave a comment it will stain the carpet and mess the overall grandeur of the blog. I beat a hasty retreat. But I come again to check how the author responds to commenters.

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