12 Month Changing Process

So this is just my own personal schedule & feeling of change. I believe in keeping some sort of diary or journal so that you can watch your growth. Of course, these all can go hand in hand at any point, but it’s just the individual focus of one  month at a time.

January: Detoxification

In order to begin anew or to fully begin changing anything, you must first get to the root problem and clean it out. That’s what this month is for: analyzing negative ideals and habits in order to rid myself of them. You must first diagnose the problem in order to treat it. This time is used for introspection of self. Nothing more or less. It’s time to change those negative self images, eating habits, or just anything in general that is harmful. Read books on things you want to know, listen to more uplifting music, just anything to put yourself into a positive vibe.

February: Financial Check

I believe Kanye West said it best: Money’s not everything. Not having it is. Tax season is booming and everyone can now be financially irresponsible. Take this time to look at your bills and pull up that credit report you’ve been dodging. Make sure your finances are taken care of and that you have begun some source of residual income or just having  money saved for a rainy day. Invest into things that will benefit you in the long run or start your own business.

March: New Beginnings

Start this month COMPLETELY fresh. Get a new haircut. Paint your toes a different color. Hell, take a new way to work. Spring starts this month and is a time when the world is beginning to rebirth herself. Why not emerge from your cocoon as well? Donate clothing that you don’t wear anymore or household items to shelters and other places around your city.What is old to you may be new to someone else and vice versa.

April: Spring Showers/Forgiveness

We’ve all heard that April showers bring May flowers (Please refrain from any corny pilgrim jokes). This is the time to go into yourself and start forgiving. It’s going to be hard and you may shed tears, but remember, in order to gain anything, there must be a loss. Even if something tragic has happened, you need to forgive. I’m not saying let everything go (well I am in a sense), but you must forgive the person or event for inhibiting your growth. You must stand up and say “I forgive you for focusing so much on what you did to me that I did not allow myself to grow to my full potential.” At this time, write a note, send an e-mail, or even write a letter and burn it. You have to forgive. Also, take this time to apologize for the wrongs that you have caused whether someone knew or not. If you cannot speak to someone, write a note and burn it. Yell it outloud and hope they feel it in their hearts. Be GENUINE.

May: Who Am I?: Spiritual Check

Take this month to question your beliefs. Whether you believe in the Universe or Christianity, ask yourself is this you. Even ask yourself if your political and social beliefs are your own. Never be afraid to question yourself ever. Get to know yourself and what resonates with your core.

June: Heat Things Up!: Are You Physically Healthy?

It’s getting hot outside & you are feeling it! Hopefully, you’ve already begun taking the steps to a healthier you, but if not, do it! Take this time to go get a check up, ask your doctor why you feel nauseous all of the time, just get your physical being in check. Get tested for STDs & STIs. Just take care of yourself.

July: 6 Month Check-In

All of that hard work you have put in since January should be paying off, right? If not, that means you are doing something terribly wrong. Go back and check what you didn’t do. Your goals should match up with where you are. Take a break while you analyze yourself and fix what is wrong.

August: Getting Back To Business

Now that you had time to check yourself, get back on the ball. Start preparing yourself for the last 4 months of the year.

September: Are You Happy Now?: Happiness Check

You’ve done everything. Read some books. Kept a journal. Now, the question is: ARE YOU HAPPY? If you have been putting in the work, the answer should be yes. Things may have changed since you started. You may have had a baby or lost a job. This may have added some stress or sense of change. Now, go back to January & analyze why you aren’t happy. From there, you should be able to change, eliminate, or fix the situation. Never give up!

October: Embracing The Changes

If you live in a climate fortunate enough to receive all four seasons, then you know how the world outside your door looks when fall is upon us! All of the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground as the tree begins to shed its leaves to be reborn again. You should be doing the same. Take the negative feelings and aspects that are still clinging to you and shake them off. A good exercise would be to to write them all on leaves and crumple or let them fly into the wind. releasing all of your worries with them. Have faith. Be confident.

November: Gratitude

The cliche month and theme of Thanksgiving is here. Yes. But it ids by association that this will work well. Express thanks for the smallest things: from your mailman delivering your letters to your mom saying she loved you everyday when you were younger. Go out and thank the trees for the oxygen they provide. There are many things to show your gratitude for.

December: Finishing The Year Strong/End Of The Year Reflection

Now it’s the end of the year. You can see how far you came, and be proud of yourself. Take this time to wrap any loose ends and complete any goals that you didn’t. If something went unfinished, analyze why. Hug yourself and be happy for you came far despite the obstacles.


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